The main vous décidez goal is to always improve future collections based on a mindset that benefits the product's quality and longevity while optimising waste - basically to be responsible in every aspect of the value chain. 

Below are listed some of the things we do to ensure this (updated regularly):


The majority of our products are made from high-quality deadstock fabrics we source from all around Europe (mainly Italy). 

This means leftover and excess fabric that in a lot of cases would have gone straight to the landfills. 

Sometimes we are lucky to even find deadstock fabrics that originally were made from organic and recycled fibers, or in another way produced more sustainable than a lot of other fabrics. 

As a result of the above explanation no new fabrics are produced when making these products and we have optimized waste. 


We use organic cotton in all of our jersey styles (sometimes we find deadstock jersey we can use instead).


All vous décidez products are manufactured at a local factory in Barcelos, a small city close to Braga in Portugal. It's important for us to work with partners who treats their employees well and offers them proper working conditions - this way we know that our products are handled with a conscious mind too. Because of above explanation and that we enjoy to know our partners well, we often take trips to Portugal to hand them a visit. Besides that we work with external partners who makes regular visits to avoid complications between us and the factory. 


Production deliveries from the factory to us in Denmark are all packed in both recycled cardboard boxes and recycled plastic bags. 

When handling orders from both stores and online customers all products are shipped with recycled/FSC certified cardboard boxes and in recycled plastic bags. 


All hang tags are made from recycled paper.

All neck tags and are made from recycled polyester.