The Copenhagen-based label, with a French name. vous décidez, means “you decide” and is meant as a daily reminder of how important it is to take control of our own life. Stemming from the belief that ultimate happiness comes from doing something we’re passionate about, being around people we love and feel inspired by. Our inner voice will always tell us who we really are and what we really want. 

Launching its first collection for autumn/winter 2020, vous décidez is a ready-to-wear label dedicated to creating timeless garments with attention to aesthetic details and superior quality. The majority of the products are made from premium deadstock fabrics sourced from all over Europe (mainly Italy). Other products (mainly jersey) are made from materials such as organic and recycled fabrics (only if we can't find deadstock fabrics as a suitable solution). As most of the products are made from deadstock fabrics the quantities naturally rely on the specifically sourced material. 

The main goal is to always improve future collections based on a mindset that benefits the product's quality and longevity while optimizing waste - basically to be responsible in every aspect of the value chain (refers to our sustainability section).