An independent Copenhagen-based and ready-to-wear label founded in 2020, vous décidez means 'you decide' in French and serves as a daily reminder to pursue something you are passionate about, whether it's integrating a hobby into your daily life or achieving a long-held dream. An encouragement to find purpose in something you love to do.

Conceptualized from pre-existing materials every vous décidez product is based around our ‘Tonality Report’ metaphor.  

Tonality, often associated with musical compositions, denoting how the harmonic movement revolves around a central tone. Drawing inspiration from this concept, we have integrated tonality into our approach when creating clothes. 

In our working methods, we treat our central products as the focal point, meticulously refining and constantly updating them. With every new report (release), we present these core items in different high-quality leftover and recycled fabric selections.  

Every new product development is born with the central product category as reference point to maintain harmony in our product catalog. This concept allows you to effortlessly combine pieces across different releases, creating a timeless ambiance.

On a constant lookout to experiment with special materials without producing new fabrics, every tonality report is a result of the fortunate findings from the given period.